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Practice Areas

We deal with a whole range of corporate legal issues, including general corporate, administrative, and criminal issues.
General Corporate Compliance General Corporate Cross border Transactions Restructuring Labor and Employment Intellectual Property Bankruptcy and Insolvency Administrative Law and Tax Law Criminal Law Family Law and Civil Law Finance Real Estate Information Technology
With our professional knowledge and experience, we provide a wide variety of legal services, from daily consultation regarding finance law to legal advice on laws and regulations governing the Japanese stock market, such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
Real Estate
We deal with real estate transactions, which have become more diversified and complicated year by year, and we provide a wide range of services in this field, such as dispute resolution, effective utilization of real estate, and product development such as the securitization of real estate.
Information Technology
Legal knowledge of Information technology (IT) is indispensable for business management. We deal with legal issues regarding the Internet, legal systems for telecommunication business, etc.. software/system development agreements and so on which require technical knowledge/background.
Administrative and Tax law
Knowledge of administrative law, such as the regulation of business permission, is indispensable for companies. We provide legal advice for general administrative matters and any complaints and litigation against administrative authorities.
We also provide tax advice, negotiate with tax authorities, and deal with national tax tribunal proceedings and tax litigation.
Criminal Law
The social responsibilities of companies and directors increasingly receive attention as corporate activities boost. We support our clients to defend in general criminal and juvenile cases as well as violation cases of administrative law and tax law.
Family law and Civil law
With our accumulated know-how, we provide our clients with legal supports for dispute resolution and conflict prevention in general civil cases, such as debt recovery and damage claim, including temporary restraining orders and enforcement, as well as family and inheritance cases.
Corporate Legal Affairs Administrative Law and Tax Law Criminal Law Family Law and Civil Law

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